IBS can be your best source of latex foam in the Western United States. We offer the best continuous Dunlop latex from Mountain Top Foam. Mountain Top offers all synthetic and all natural latex foam. This company offers a state of the art continuous pour line, eliminating the use of individual molds in their process. Many think that this is the way of the future encouraging efficient cost reduction production of latex foam. We feel that Mountain Top Latex is the best feeling Dunlop process latex made today.

IBS also distributes Talalay Latex from Talalay Global. Talalay Latex is offered in either blended (blend of synthetic and natural latex rubber) or all natural. Talalay latex is synonymous as the finest feeling latex available today. It has always been referred to as the mattress maker’s secret, due to the fact that mattress makers throughout the years have slept on Talalay Latex even though they have produced other types of mattresses such as innerspring. Talalay Latex is made in a mold. Talalay Global has adhered to an unique and consistent production process proving they are the industry leader in this arena.

IBS stocks various firmness levels of both Mountain Top and Talalay Global Latex, enabling us to offer you quick shipment of these products. We have the best latex foams to provide great options for you and your customers.